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We screen print on all textiles including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, bags, bandanas, bowling shirts, uniforms, jerseys, etc… We also offer embroidery on all of the same, including Varsity jackets. One other service we can offer you is putting custom photo transfers onto shirts, quilt squares (before sewn), mouse pads anything you can email me I can size and put it on those products. Just a little note to our shirt transfers, we use a high quality transfer paper that actually penetrates the shirt and last without coming off in a short time, where most paper your ink is just sitting on top of the shirt. We have shirts that have been washed more than 50 times and still look good. One other good thing about the transfers is that if you only need a few shirts but have a multi color print this process is a little more cost friendly than what a small screen printed order would cost. We have photo buttons in 2 1/4 & 3 1/2 which we can put anything on those for you also(and the new 3 1/2″ photo mirrors). We are a one stop printing store where we take your ideas and make them look good no matter what you put them on!

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Our art work services – With our excellent graphic artist(my Niece, again family) we can offer you full art work, or we can help you with something you might have sketched, or drawn and would like to have it finished, or maybe you just have an idea, we can take it from there also. One thing we make sure of in our art work is that you will have nice crisp lines and edges, NO JAGGED EDGES HERE!

WE ALSO SELL OLDER AND NEW RELEASE 1/24 scale NASCAR diecast, new 2013 diecast are in stock.